Meet George, the gator! George is an American Alligator. He may look pre-historic, but George and his family are a fairly common sight on Hilton Head Island. American Alligators can be found along the coast from Texas to North Carolina, but on Hilton Head Island, George and his family can be found in small bodies of water around the Sea Pines Resort, Coligny Plaza, and Jarvis Creek. George can grow up to 15 feet in length, and his female counterparts can reach lengths up to 9 feet! At sizes like those, imagine the strength of those jaws! The jaws can exert 3,000 pounds of pressure with up to 40 sharp teeth! So you might want to stay on George's good side!

American Alligators are reptiles. This means, besides being cold-blooded, they also lay eggs. Their nests can include up to 50 eggs and can be as large as 6 feet wide! Once hatched, the babies have a lot of growing to do! They grow a foot every year which means they need a lot of food! Luckily, George and his family aren't picky eaters. They eat anything from deer to birds to fish to snakes and even crabs - whatever they can find! They are typically afraid of humans, though. This is why you should NEVER feed George or his family. If you feed them, they will lose their fear of humans, and will soon add you to their menu. If they start posing a threat to us, they will be killed for being gators. So for George's safety and your own, please observe ONLY and from a safe distance. Please be respectful of George and his family during your visit and enjoy one of the oldest, well-known natural attractions on Hilton Head Island!

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