If you're visiting Hilton Head Island, you MUST get out on the water! Whether is is sailing, going on a dolphin tour, paddle boarding, kayaking, renting a boat on your own, or renting jet skis, the water is a huge part of Hilton Head you don't want to miss out on! Here are some places we recommend according to what adventure you might be looking for!

Dolphin Watching - with so many residential dolphins all year round, Hilton Head Island is the perfect place for dolphin watching. When they're not hunting, they're checking us out! They are as curious about us as we are about them! It is not rare for them to come right up to the boats and get a closer look of us so have your cameras out and get ready to meet some of our local dolphins!

Mermaid Boat Tours - Hilton Head is home to the world's first Mermaid Boat Tours! You can go out on the boat, find some dolphins, and also find a mermaid! Kids love these tours and they love finding the mermaid! Once the mermaid has been found, the kids have a chance to ask her their mermaid/ocean questions and who better to learn from the ocean about than a mermaid? There is an accompanying children's book about the tour that inspires kids to read while educating them about conservation at the same time!

Kayaking - Kayaking is also a fun way to get out on the water and meet some of our local dolphins if you're looking for an up close and personal experience. However, dolphins are less likely to be seen on a kayak versus a boat since you're covering less space. If you are looking to get close to nature, and get a good work out, kayaking is the way to go! Just be sure to go against the tide at the beginning of your adventure so you can ride it back in when you're likely to be tired. 

Paddle boarding - If you're looking for a fun workout on the water, paddle boarding is calling your name! Whether it's just trying to stand on the board, ride some waves, or do yoga on the board there is a paddle boarding adventure for everyone! (It's really not as hard as it looks!)

Boat Rentals - If you want to check out the dolphins or just go for a ride, but you're not the guided tour type, you can be your own captain for the day and rent a boat! It's a great way to explore the waters around the island on your own and see everything on your checklist!

Parasailing - If you're looking for even more of an adventure, parasailing might be for you! You might want to avoid parasailing if you have a fear of heights, but if not it will take your breath away! (In a good way.) From above, being pulled along on a boat, you will be able to see the island like you've never seen it before! You will even be able to see large fish and other sea creatures swimming in the water!

Jet Pack - If parasailing isn't crazy enough for you and you're still looking for something more exciting, consider a Jet Pack. The Jet Pack will send you shooting out of the water with force, but don't worry too much - you are still controlling where you go and how fast you get there!

Boat Rentals and Sailing - If you are looking to be your own Captain for the day and create your own customized tour, renting a boat might be just the experience you're looking for! You could also be a sailor for the day if you'd like to have a leisurely day at sea with nothing controlling your schedule except for the wind! With Hilton Head being an island, there is plenty of water to have all your nautical dreams come true!

Marinas - Island Life means being surrounded by water all the time! This also means a lot of marinas! Each public access marina on Hilton Head has a unique atmosphere and a life on the water all on its own!

Sunset/Fireworks Cruises - If you're just looking for a relaxing boat ride to conclude your adventurous day, a sunset or firework cruise might be the perfect thing for you! You can sit back and relax while the Captains bring the sunset and the fireworks and even the dolphins right to you!