Rainbows mean rain…

While it is true that Hilton Head weather can be beautiful, it is also true that same Hilton Head weather can be unpredictable. Visitors to the island often look at the weather a week or two in advance while they are planning and then quick learn that Hilton Head weather changes very frequently and the predicted forecast is never consistent day to day.

Hilton Head weather means a lot of rain. We very often see rain in the Hilton Head weather forecast, which is totally normal and nothing to worry about. In fact, while we do get a lot of rain, our rainstorms often happen in short sessions, which makes them more difficult to predict. (This also means more rainbows for us!)

After one or two Hilton Head Island vacations, you will quickly learn that Hilton Head weather cannot be planned around, especially not a week or two in advance. The locals typically make plans around the weather the day-of as it is risky even to plan one day prior.



We can’t talk about Hilton Head weather without talking about our tide change. Unlike the rain, the tide is very predictable and should be planned around in advance - especially when it comes to Watersports.

Our tide changes 7-10 feet every 6 hours which is a lot. If you are renting a boat, jet ski, kayak, or paddle board, and are unfamiliar with the area, we highly recommend going out when the tide is coming in so you don’t end up stuck in pluff mud. The tide change is often forgotten about by visitors, but can quickly ruin your day if you don’t plan around it.


Snow is typically though of as a northern thing, however our Hilton Head weather has brought us snow a few times. Although very rare, Hilton Head does get snowed upon every now and then. Our last snow fall was January 2017 and the snowfall prior to that was in the winter of 1989.

Hilton Head weather in the wintertime is typically between 40’s-60’s sometimes reaching into the 70’s-80’s during the day.



Hurricanes are a topic of conversation especially recently among Hilton Head weather personnel. Hilton Head Island is located in the very middle of the South Atlantic bight, which usually protects the island from any bad storms. Unfortunately there is an exception to every rule and Hilton Head has seen two hurricanes since 2016.

In October of 2016, Hilton Head got hit by Hurricane Matthew, which caused a lot of trees to fall down, structural damage, and flooding. In September of 2017, Hilton Head saw flooding effects from Hurricane Irma.

Luckily, as far as natural disasters go, hurricanes give us fair warning. As long as you listen to our Hilton Head weather personnel, and evacuate the island upon the evacuations being called, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.



Hilton Head weather might be unpredictable but the temperature of the island is pretty consistent and accurate. In the summer, Hilton Head gets very high humidity, making it feel very warm consistently day and night. In the fall and spring the humidity drops a bit, but the temperatures are still warm (in the 60’s-70’s) which are really perfect times to enjoy the outdoors. The winter can get cold (to the locals), however our northern friends always think it is warm! (Even when it’s in the 40’s-50’s!)