Hilton Head Island's subtropical conditions make for a diverse ecosystem for the nature lover in you to explore!  The marsh wetlands will bring you close to egrets, herons and turtles and if you look close enough you might even see an alligator lurking in the waters.  A wide variety of birds can be found around the island.  It is not uncommon to see Great Blue Herons, Egrets, Osprey (Sea Hawks), Bald Eagles, Pelicans and even spoonbills!  The Island is also abundant in reptile species.  Besides the obvious excitement that the American Alligator creates, legless lizards, anoles, tree frogs, slider turtles, skinks and even sea turtles are common sights among the nature lovers of the island. There are also plenty of hiking trails that offer an opportunity to get up close and personal with nature. These trails include boardwalks thru the swampy areas of the island and they even take you to the beach where, as the ecosystem changes, your senses become stimulated to a fun, new environment with a whole new world of wildlife and terrain!

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What you can do to help Hilton Head stay wild:

  • If you see injured wildlife such as birds, turtles, dolphins, alligators and other land mammals please do not harass them or touch them, but you can report them by calling this number: 1-800-922-5431 or you can call Beach Patrol directly at 1-843-785-3494.
  • It is against the law to feed dolphins, feed alligators or harass any wildlife which includes taking live sand dollars and starfish from their ocean homes and putting them in your pockets. If you see anyone doing any of these things, please report it to Beach Patrol at 1-843-785-3494.
  • To report a dead or injured turtle call: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (24/7): 1-800-922-5431
  • To report light violations (if beach front properties have their lights on after 10pm) call: 1-843-341-4642

Click on the photo below to see more of the wild life Hilton Head Island has to offer!